Below are some desktop backgrounds that I have made. Click on an image to view the full size desktop.

1024 x 768

"Sam Peckinpah"

"Sergio Leone"

"Martin Scorsese"

"The Big Lebowski"

"Admiral Ackbar"

"Return of the Jedi"



"The Fifth Element"

"No Quarter Given"

"The Stewardess"




"Sam & Twitch"

"Tough Decisions"

1440 x 900

"The Hives"

"the Kings of Nuthin'"


"71 Riviera"

"Sky Captain"


"Font Lover Graphics"


"Gamma Male"

"The Coen Brothers"

"The Man in Black"

"Arthur Lee & Love"

"The Dharma Initiative"


"Howard Roark Architect"

"Dodge Challenger"

"Army Chopper"

"Death Race"

"The Original Rude Boy"

"Amy Winehouse"

"The White Stripes"


"Ultra Violet"

"Four Symbols"



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